A small yellow daffodil with two thin green leaves in the middle of a thatchy grass lawn.

On the earliest spring of my life

The groundhog's verdict is not a solution nor a bypass for the climate crisis, and yet I've allowed myself to find some solace in the superstition.
2 min read
A yellow swallowtail butterfly perched on the cone-shaped center of an echinacea purpurea flower with pink petals.

On Mary Oliver and Missing Witches

This week on the Missing Witches podcast, you can hear a bit of my writing on Mary Oliver's poetry and what it means to me.
13 min read

Weekly Waxing #1

So here I am, humbly returning to the public page after a few months away, with greater clarity about the shape and purpose of this writing project in my life—as well as a Rumsfeldian reminder that I don't know what I don't know.
5 min read
Goose, a black longhaired cat with yellow-green eyes, lying on the second story of a cat tower.

A eulogy for Goose

This post contains mentions of pet illness and loss. Please take care of yourself while reading. ❤️
4 min read